Motorcycle Equipment Quick Guide

You do not need to be an expert in equipment to understand that motorcycle equipment is designed to minimize the consequences of accidents or falls from a motorcycle, so you should not go on the road or trail without a helmet, motorcycle jacket, motorbike, gloves, and motorboat. However, have you ever wondered why they use polyester or Cordura to make motor jackets or trousers, why Gore-Tex is also used in the manufacture of motorcycle clothes, or why bikers prefer clothing with the addition of Kevlar? We have prepared a short guide for you to find out the basic properties of the common materials that are used to create modern motorcycle equipment. And use best motorcycle tank bag.


If you look at the clothes in your wardrobe, you will probably leave the inscription polyester on the tags of your clothes. The basis of polyester is thermoplastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which was first synthesized in the USA in the middle of the twentieth century. Polyester is made from polyester fiber, a synthetic material widely used in the clothing industry. Clothing for motorcyclists is no exception and is used for sewing motor-equipment in its pure form or mixed with other textile fibers, for example, nylon to enhance strength characteristics and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of motorcycles made of polyester:

  • High strength and durability
  • It does not crease, it is easy to clean and dries quickly, while it does not shrink
  • lightweight
  • Has a convenient elastic structure and does not lose shape under conditions of proper operation
  • Preserves color for a long time and is UV resistant
  • Poorly blown fabric in windy cold weather
  • Excellent thermal insulation and abrasion resistance
  • Not high cost

Disadvantages of polyester:

  • Poor breathability, which is felt during the hot summer period
  • Specific material stiffness
  • There is a static effect


Nylon is a synthetic fabric based on polymeric materials of the polyamide group. Get it by processing organic materials: oil, coal, natural gas. The molten polymer material is highly stretched and forms thin filaments. After studying this phenomenon, scientists have discovered a method of manufacturing material, which was subsequently called nylon. Nylon makes stockings, toothbrushes with nylon bristles, tires, parachutes, sports and army clothes, motorcycle equipment, backpacks, etc. Pure Nylon is a 100% synthetic fabric. A variety of nylon is considered such fabrics as ripstop, Cordura, nylon with impregnation of silicone or polyurethane to repel moisture from the surface of the fabric. Nylon fibers are added to natural fabrics to improve their performance.

The advantages of nylon:

  • Wear resistance
  • Lightweight and tear and abrasion-resistant material
  • wear resistance
  • Unpretentious material dries quickly, no need to iron
  • Does not deform and does not stretch, keeps its shape
  • Protects from wind and cold, not letting cold air in, while it is not a warm material
  • Not expensive material with an affordable price in the market

The disadvantages of nylon:

  • Possible allergic reaction in contact with sensitive skin
  • Does not withstand high temperatures
  • Poorly passes air and does not absorb moisture (critical in heat)
  • Strongly electrified, but with an antistatic spray you can solve the problem


The most famous material for the production of motorcycle equipment is Cordura fabric, which in its protective characteristics is practically not inferior to genuine leather. Cordura is Invista’s unique registered advanced nylon fabric, which is highly abrasion-resistant, water-repellent, polyurethane-coated, and has excellent breathability. Cordura is used in army equipment, backpacks, motorcycle equipment, travel clothing, workwear for workers. The composition of the fabric Cordura includes 10% cotton, which gives the fabric hairiness and pleasant tactile sensations. The density of fabric fibers is from 100 to 1000 Den, the higher this number, the denser the fabric will be, its weight will be more and it will be less flexible. Motorcycle clothing generally uses a density of 500D to 800D.

Benefits of Cordura:

  • Wear resistance, abrasion resistance of the fabric for testing withstands more than 7.5 thousand revolutions with sandpaper (depending on the density of the fabric)
  • High tensile strength of the material exceeds the characteristics of analogs by four times
  • Flammability, melting point about 220 ° C
  • Excellent water repellent over 5000mm of water
  • Wind resistance well protects from cold wind
  • Breathability has breathable properties, allows steam and air to pass through
  • Easy to clean
  • Long service life
  • Does not crumble when cutting fabric
  • not deformed

Disadvantages of Cordura:

  • High price
  • Heavier than cotton, as it has a high density
  • Stiffness at low temperatures, the fabric becomes “oak” due to which it can creak and lose elasticity
  • If it gets very wet, it dries for a long time.
  • Spoil under the influence of ultraviolet rays

Genuine Leather

Motorcycle gear made of genuine leather remains a classic; as a rule, this is a thick processed skin of a kangaroo or goat buffalo cow. The skin works well against “slippery” resists abrasion, but has a lot of weight and gets wet when it rains. Leather motorcycle equipment is not cheap, so some manufacturers offer an alternative to genuine leather from eco-leather or microfiber. Synthetic leather imitates the structure and some qualities of genuine leather and is mainly used in the production of certain types of motorboats. But genuine leather always remains a durable environmentally friendly breathable material with high protective properties for the production of motorcycle overalls for jackets, pants, and gloves for motorcyclists.

Skin Benefits:

  • High abrasion and wear resistance and light abrasion over time gives the skin a vintage look
  • Breathability of the skin, good air permeability, as it has a porous structure
  • tensile strength of the material
  • Does not dub in the cold
  • Resistance to wear and elasticity
  • Easy to clean and easy to clean
  • environmental friendliness

Skin flaws:

  • High price
  • gets wet and then dries for a long time
  • Under ultraviolet rays spoils and may crack
  • In hot weather, it can soar

But, despite all these shortcomings, genuine leather motor-clothing is the most protected and popular type of motorcycle equipment.


Gore-Tex membrane fabric or membrane laminate allows clothes to be waterproof while breathing and have protection from the wind. This membrane material is used for the manufacture of high-tech everyday clothing, mountaineering, sports, hiking, and motorcycle. Also, this membrane fabric is widely used for shoes. The Gore-Tex membrane can be 2-layer, 2.5 or 3-layer and is made of fluoroplastic (Teflon) with high water-repellent properties of more than 20,000 mm of water. The membrane has a porous structure and has high vapor permeability, the pore size is 700 times larger than a water molecule, but at the same time 20 thousand times smaller than its liquid drop. Therefore, the membrane material Gore-Tex perfectly displays water molecules to the outside and remains impervious to water while the water is in liquid form.

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