The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. Article by The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight stock starter and can be used as a non-injected replacement for your high-quality starter starter. With your Mean Green Gear Reduction (MEGR), all your lower prices will be paid for while your original starter will be a much more economical option!

We have also included two new features to help you save cash when buying the Mean Green Gear Reduction with the standard version. You will find more information about each new feature below!

• One of the hottest products on the market.

• With a brand-new logo, high-quality materials and an unbeatable price.

• Easy installation — without getting lost in it!

• An easy to use site-wide search for any name on the website.

• Great price drop without losing your money from any other outlet or retailer. Available with every new device, with every new charge, with every new charge.

• A complete software program to support the new product’s features and functionality.

• Includes the new product and a few great features.

• Product includes: a fully functional (3/4″) 4″ (6X4″ or 18X6″ thick) black finish (Black for Red); a 1″ (2.5″ thick) non-adjustable torsion-rod rubber cover; a stainless steel handguard; and a 1″ (2.5″ thick) stainless steel (1/2″ thick) steel base which comes wrapped to keep you safe.

The first three features are only available with the MSP version of The Mean Green Gear Reduction. The third feature is also available as three separate models (MSP1, MSP2).

Megan’s Choice Certified: It’s designed for your convenience to fit in any pocket, backpack, or jacket.

With a brand-new logo and high-quality materials, we have created an even better product that offers a higher price and a higher quality. The new Mean Green Gear Reduction has more horsepower and torque than any of your other high-tech starter kits.

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